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WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — When a wild turkey crashed through Mark Freedman’s window, he was confident that the damage would be covered under his homeowners insurance policy.

Instead, Freedman was left with a bill totaling thousands of dollars.

“The fact that we have turkeys in the neighborhood is one thing,” Freedman said. “But that it came in is something else, and the way it came through the window, smashing the glass everywhere, was a real problem.”

Freedman and his family came home to the problem last month. He said his neighbor told him that the turkey tried to fly over his house, but ended up crashing through his second-floor window instead.

“I walked in and saw the turkey in our family room,” Freedman said. “Just standing behind our coffee table, between our couch and our coffee table.”

He was able to get the turkey out, but his window was shattered and the bird left droppings on his hardwood floors, carpet and couch.

Freedman said he called a mitigation company to help clean. He also has to replace the entire window and one of the rugs.

“I contacted the insurance company first to report the claim,” Freedman said. “They gave the name of an adjuster to call and the adjuster came out.”

But his claim was denied by his insurance company, Merrimack Mutual, because the clause in his contract states bird, rodent and insect damage is not covered.

Freedman is sharing his story because he wants homeowners to be aware of what is and isn’t covered by insurance.

“We have that clause in there, but we never expected a bird to fly through our window,” Freedman said. “This was one that was trying to fly over the house, thinking it was Superman, and it didn’t quite make it.”

12 News reached out Merrimack Mutual regarding Freedman’s situation, but the insurance company declined to comment.

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