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DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — There’s a new narcotics-detecting K-9 in town.

Bristol County Sheriff Paul Heroux announced Friday that Officer Joshua Wunschel and K-9 Joni graduated from detection academy.

Joni, a 21-month-old German Shorthaired Pointer, is trained and certified to detect meth, crack, heroin and cocaine. He has also been trained to locate missing or distressed people.

Wunschel worked as a correctional officer in Dartmouth and New Bedford for nearly 11 years prior to joining the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit.

“Becoming a K-9 officer was always something I wanted to do,” Wunschel said. “It’s been an amazing experience. The best part has been watching Joni grow.”

While Wunschel and Joni will primarily sweep correctional facilities for illegal narcotics, the duo will also help law enforcement agencies from surrounding communities as needed.

“This milestone marks their relentless commitment to combatting the scourge of narcotics coming into our facility and to help safeguard our communities,” said Sgt. Michael Bettencourt, who trained Wunschel and Joni. “Throughout their training, Officers Wunschel and Joni have exemplified the epitome of excellence, teamwork, and a shared mission to eradicate the grip of illegal drugs.”

“With each exercise, they have displayed an unwavering determination to ensure that our facility and neighborhoods remain safe and free from the destructive influence of narcotics,” he continued.

Joni weighs approximately 70 pounds. His favorite toy is any ball and he loves Milk-Bones.

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