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DIGHTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Family of the Dighton man accused of leaking highly classified military documents have spoken out for the first time since his arrest earlier this month.

A spokesperson released a statement on behalf of Jack Teixeira’s family, writing that “his parents and large extended family are standing together in solidarity and support” of the 21-year-old “through this very difficult and confusing ordeal.”

Teixeira is charged with unauthorized transmission of defense materials and unauthorized retention and removal of classified documents.

“We know there are more questions now than answers and are hopeful that Jack will receive the fair and just treatment to which he is entitled during this investigation. His health and safety are now and will be our top priority. We are truly grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from family and friends thus far. As we move forward and navigate through this process, we are asking that you please respect the privacy of our family.”

Statement on behalf of Jack Teixeira’s family

Teixeira held pending judge’s decision in detention hearing

A judge is now deliberating if the Massachusetts Air National Guardsman will remain behind bars while awaiting trial after his detention hearing was postponed last week. Court adjourned on Thursday with no decision.

In court documents released late Wednesday, prosecutors said releasing Teixeira would be a “grave threat to the U.S. national security” and his “troubling history raises serious concerns about what he would do if released into the community.”

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