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WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island’s infamous “black coyotes” will soon have a new home, 12 News has learned.

Libby and Bella, who are believed to be wolf hybrids, gained notoriety after the two were spotted near Oakland Beach last week.

The 6-month-old sisters spent several days on the lam, sauntering down streets, running through yards and playing with one another.

Officers spent hours chasing the dogs before both were captured and brought to the Warwick Animal Shelter.

Since wolf-hybrids are illegal to own in Rhode Island, the sisters are moving to a sanctuary in Ohio called the Red Riding Hood Rescue Project.

The wolfdogs were originally thought to be coyotes, until it was discovered that the two were intentionally set loose from a home on Powhatan Street.

The two residents responsible for the wolfdogs have since been arrested and are facing animal cruelty and abandonment charges.

The dogs’ DNA is currently being tested to determine their exact breeds. Since the results will take four to six weeks to come back, the Warwick Animal Shelter decided it would be best to send the dogs to the sanctuary because “it is not in their best interest to stay here until then.”

The Red Riding Hood Rescue Project, which is a sanctuary specifically for wolfdogs, is seeking donations to cover the dogs’ travel expenses.

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