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NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — New Bedford will continue to have bus service to Boston, serviced by a new carrier.

Peter Pan Bus Lines will take over for current carrier DATTCO, who announced in March they would stop servicing the New Bedford-Boston route on April 16.

Peter Pan COO Frank Dougherty told 12 News the company will start running one trip per day in each direction from Monday through Friday.

Starting Tuesday, the route will make stops in Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, South Station, and Logan Airport. It is the first time the Whaling City will have direct bus service to Logan, according to state Rep. Antonio Cabral.

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell said they were notified that DATTCO would stop servicing the route about three weeks in advance. The Connecticut-based company cited cost concerns associated with the route.

“Unfortunately, we have not found a solution that would provide a cost-effective commute option for you, our passengers, while overcoming the deficit we have been experiencing for several years,” DATTCO said in a statement.

Mitchell said preserving the decades-old bus route was necessary because about 4% of the workforce in Greater New Bedford commutes to Greater Boston.

“My hope is that it goes for as long as, until we reach a point where the intercity rail service between New Bedford and Boston begins, and we believe that will be towards the end of this calendar year,” Mitchell said.

Cabral said Peter Pan Bus Lines might add another trip in May after they’ve evaluated ridership.

The servicing of the route has switched hands several times over the years, having previously been run by American Eagle and Almeida, according to Cabral.

“We’re grateful that Peter Pan is stepping into the fray,” Mitchell said. “We hope that the route is profitable for them and certainly are willing to help them give it their best shot.”

“It’s an important public service for a not insignificant segment of the population,” Mitchell added. “New Bedford is not part of Greater Boston, but we’re at a distance where there are some people who actually travel to work in Boston.”

A spokesperson for DATTCO told 12 News in March theoperating route has resulted in more than $1 million in company losses over the past five years and about $30,000 in losses per month.

“Not enough people ride the bus,” the spokesperson said. “We can’t afford to keep hemorrhaging losses.”

Fall River to Boston

6:35 a.m. Fall River
7 a.m. New Bedford
7:30 a.m. Taunton Silver City
8:30 a.m. South Station
8:45 a.m. Logan Airport

Boston to Fall River

4 p.m. Logan Airport
4:30 p.m. South Station
5:15 p.m. Taunton
5:45 p.m. New Bedford
6:10 p.m. Fall River

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