At least 11 people were killed in tornadoes that tore through parts of the South and Midwest, leaving small towns and big cities bewildered by the damage. Tornadoes touched down into the night in a sprawling storm system that brought wildfires to the southern Plains and blizzard conditions to the Upper Midwest. The dead included four in Wynne, Arkansas, where the town was without power and roads were full of debris. Belvidere, Illinois, saw a tornado collapse the roof of the Apollo Theatre killing one person and injuring 28. Fires broke out in Oklahoma, and firefighters hoped to gain ground against them Saturday, fires will remain a danger through the week, especially for northern and western parts of the state. Crews battled several blazes near El Dorado, Kansas, and some residents were asked to evacuate, including about 250 elementary school children who were relocated to a high school.

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