The Vatican reported that Pope Francis is likely to be released on Saturday from the Rome hospital where he is being treated for bronchitis. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni mentioned that the Pope’s recovery is progressing well and he even had a pizza for dinner on Thursday. The 86-year-old pontiff was admitted to Gemelli Polyclinic on Wednesday and was administered intravenous antibiotics. He had been experiencing difficulty in breathing in the previous days. The Vatican has not specified when the Pope will be discharged, but Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re stated that he might be discharged on Saturday and could preside over Holy Week ceremonies. Doctors have not confirmed whether Francis will be allowed to attend or preside over many Holy Week observances, including the Way of the Cross procession on Good Friday and Easter Mass on April 9. During his weekly public audience on Wednesday, Francis appeared to be in visible pain and was visibly assisted by aides.

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