The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will be visible near the moon this week in a planetary alignment that can be seen from anywhere on Earth as long as the sky is clear and offers a view of the west. According to NASA astronomer Bill Cooke, the best day to view the alignment is on Tuesday when the planets will stretch from the horizon to about halfway up the night sky. While Jupiter, Venus, and Mars will be easy to see because they shine brightly, Mercury and Uranus could be trickier to spot since they will be dimmer. Those interested in seeing Uranus, which is usually not visible, will need to look out for its green glow just above Venus. This type of alignment occurs when the planets’ orbits cause them to line up on one side of the sun from Earth’s perspective. Last summer saw a five-planet lineup, and another one is due to occur in June with a slightly different makeup of planets.

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