The Army’s newly launched advertising campaign has been disrupted by the arrest of actor Jonathan Majors. Majors, who narrated two ads for the Army, was arrested on Saturday in New York City on charges of assault, harassment and strangulation. The ads were part of a broader media campaign aimed at reviving the Army’s struggling recruiting numbers. The Army had hoped that Majors’ popularity, as the star of “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” and “Creed III,” would help the service connect with younger audiences. However, in a statement, the Army’s Enterprise Marketing Office said it would pull the ads until the investigation into Majors’ allegations is complete. The Army is hoping that the ads will help to revive its “Be All You Can Be” motto and reverse its recent recruiting slump, after falling 25% short of its goal to enlist 60,000 recruits in 2022. The Army’s Secretary, Christine Wormuth, has set a target of bringing in 65,000 recruits in 2023.

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