The Rhode Island police departments are facing difficulties in recruiting new officers. North Providence Police Chief Alfredo Ruggerio disclosed that the department used to receive hundreds of applications, but they are now struggling to attract a dozen. While the police department currently has enough staff, the recruitment figure is at a record low. The police officers are getting older and retiring, creating a more demanding workload on the existing officers. However, Ruggerio believes that the communities are still safe. The Providence Police Department, which historically receives almost 3,000 applications to the city’s police academy, only had 999 recruits in the latest session. The department is considering officers from other communities’ applications for the first time in its history. The Cranston Police Department also requires more officers this summer after ten officers retire. The officers offer incentives such as pensions and benefits, but the recruitment numbers keep decreasing, which Ruggerio thinks results from the public’s perception of law enforcement. Massachusetts is also facing staffing shortages in their Attleboro and Fall River Police Departments.

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