Starbucks’ CEO Laxman Narasimhan plans to work in one of the company’s stores for half a day each month to stay close to the company’s culture and customers, according to a letter he sent to employees. Narasimhan, who began as CEO this week, also expects the company’s leadership team to be connected and engaged in stores, he added. The move is new for Seattle-based Starbucks, but not unprecedented. Other big companies like DoorDash have also had CEOs conduct in-store work. Narasimhan said his first priority is addressing some of the company’s limitations, such as better pay, and he hopes to make Starbucks a more global and sustainable company. Starbucks Workers United, a union organising the workers, has gone on strike three times across the US in an effort to pressure the company to come to the bargaining table and hammer out labour agreements. Narasimhan said, “As a company, our experience is that a having a direct relationship with our partners is core to our culture and the experiences we create in our stores. I continue to believe a direct relationship with our partners is the best way forward.”

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