House Republicans narrowly passed a bill fulfilling a campaign promise to allow parents to have a say in what is taught in public schools. However, the legislation has little chance in the Democrat-led Senate and critics argue it will fuel the far-right movement, which has led to book bans, restrictions against transgender students and disruptive school board meetings across the US. If passed, the legislation would require schools to publish course studies and a library book list while affirming parents’ right to meet with educators, speak at school board meetings and examine school budgets. The proposed law is viewed by some as a response to conservative frustrations over remote learning, mask mandates and social conservatives’ opposition to some teachings on race that are classified as critical race theory. Advocates of LGBTQ people say the proposal poses a threat to LGBTQ students. It’s an early test of unity for the 222 House Republicans and their slim majority, and a large part of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s 2022 election pitch to voters for a GOP majority. The bill failed to secure sweeping support from the conservative groups’ goal of electing hundreds of “parents’ rights” activists.

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