Rhode Island Representative Robert Quattrocchi has been reprimanded for asking a colleague if she was a pedophile during a State House hearing. House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi described Quattrocchi’s comments as “reprehensible and insulting” and ordered Quattrocchi’s immediate removal from the House Committee on State Government and Elections. Quattrocchi made the comment during a hearing on legislation that would require lawmakers to attach equity impact statements to every bill introduced in the General Assembly. Democratic Representative Rebecca Kislak introduced the legislation, and Quattrocchi questioned the applicability of the proposal. Shekarchi explained that the use of suggestive and offensive language and the disparagement of an esteemed colleague would not be tolerated and that Quattrocchi’s removal was a measured and fair response to uphold the decorum of the House. Quattrocchi’s removal from the committee is not unprecedented, having previously happened in a similar situation with another representative.

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