Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins icon, will be participating in his first-ever marathon in the upcoming Boston Marathon, according to his Instagram post. He will be running to support The Thomas E. Smith Foundation & The Hoyt Foundation. Chara expressed admiration for Rick and Dick Hoyt, whose legacy and impact had inspired him and his team during the 2011 Stanley Cup season. He also spoke highly of Tom Smith’s continuous efforts in helping those affected by paralysis. Chara played a total of 24 seasons in the NHL, 14 of which were with the Bruins. His team won three Eastern Conference Championships and a Stanley Cup in 2011. He recently signed a one-day contract with Boston in September to finish his career as a Bruin. In preparation for the marathon, Chara urged his followers to contribute to the said foundations by making donations ahead of the race in April.

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