The Associated Press reported on March 16, 2023, that Honda is recalling 500,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada due to faulty front seat belts that may not latch properly. The recall applies to several of Honda’s best-selling models, such as the 2017 to 2020 CR-V, the 2018 and 2019 Accord, the 2018 to 2020 Odyssey, the 2019 Insight, and the Acura RDX from the 2019 and 2020 model years. The issue stems from the surface coating on the buckle channel deteriorating over time, causing the release button to shrink against the channel at lower temperatures, increasing friction and preventing the buckle from latching. As a result, the driver or passenger may not be restrained in a crash, potentially increasing the risk of injury. Honda has no reports of injuries caused by the defect. Dealers will replace the front seat belt buckle release buttons or the buckle assemblies if required, and notification letters will begin to be issued on April 17. The post includes an image of the car manufacturer’s logo with the text.

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