The Boston Bruins, despite their impressive season, are focused solely on winning the Stanley Cup, with no interest in breaking regular-season records. The team has already achieved several milestones, including becoming the fastest team in history to 50 wins and 100 points, and clinching a playoff berth. However, players and management have made it clear that team success in the playoffs is their only goal. While the Bruins have a chance to surpass the most wins and points in NHL history, they remain unfazed by these potential achievements. Team captain Patrice Bergeron stated that the playoffs are their main focus, with head coach Jim Montgomery emphasizing the importance of resting and preparing for the postseason. The team is determined to learn from the past mistakes of other top-performing teams that failed to win championships despite their impressive regular-season records. The Bruins’ ultimate goal is to end their championship drought and capture another Stanley Cup trophy.

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