According to an article from AP, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank recently failed, causing concern for some. Silicon Valley Bank failed due to a bank run when too many depositors tried to withdraw their money, and Signature Bank failed soon after as regulators took control to protect depositors. However, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp guarantees all deposits at FDIC-insured banks, so if you have less than $250,000 in a bank, your money is safe. Credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration. If you have over $250,000 in one bank, experts suggest moving the remainder to another financial institution. Additionally, there are steps you can take to monitor your bank’s behavior to assess its stability. Although recent events may cause uncertainty, experts advise not to withdraw cash and to keep your money in financial institutions that are FDIC-insured. Uninsured depositors usually receive nearly all their money back, even if they may have to wait some time or take a small loss.

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