President Joe Biden is requesting over $2.8 billion in his federal budget proposal to Congress to support his cancer-fighting initiatives. More than half of the funding would go to the Department of Health and Human Services to support Biden’s cancer goals across various departments and agencies. The funding request seeks to reduce cancer death rates in half over the next 25 years by improving cancer screenings, addressing environmental and toxic exposures related to cancer, and reducing preventable cancers due to tobacco use and poor nutrition. The proposal also includes support for cutting-edge research and resources for patients and caregivers. Biden hopes that fighting cancer will receive bipartisan support despite potential revisions to his proposal in Congress. Biden and his wife, Jill, have a personal connection to cancer, with their eldest son, Beau, having passed away from brain cancer in 2015, and the Bidens themselves having undergone treatment for skin cancer this year. In addition to cancer, Biden’s “unity agenda” highlights veterans’ affairs, drug abuse, and mental health initiatives. The White House hosted a discussion on colorectal cancer awareness on Friday, and Jill Biden visited the Louisiana Cancer Research Center to discuss the president’s cancer budget request and the importance of colorectal cancer screenings.

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