After receiving a life-saving kidney transplant from his father 26 years ago, James Loxley relies on the immunosuppressant drug Neoral to maintain the success of his transplant. When Loxley couldn’t access the drug due to a national shortage, he became concerned about the fate of his life-saving transplant. With the help of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Loxley and his wife were able to obtain an emergency supply of the medication, but it only lasts for two weeks. Although the drug’s manufacturer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, claims that Neoral is no longer in short supply, Loxley’s pharmacy still has a limited supply. Pharmacy professor, Jeffrey Bratberg, suggests patients impacted by medication shortages should work closely with their doctor or pharmacist to find alternative solutions, such as generic medications or short- and long-term plans. Despite these solutions, Loxley is hesitant to try a generic medication after the success he’s had with Neoral for 26 years.

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