Freshman Congressman Seth Magaziner is being criticized by Republicans for his vote to uphold a revision of the criminal code in Washington, D.C. The controversial measure, which would reduce penalties for crimes such as robberies and carjackings, has divided Democrats. The D.C. Council voted to push through the changes despite a veto by the city’s Democrat mayor. Magaziner, along with three other Southeast New England Democrats, voted to let the new code take effect. However, President Biden has since come out against the rewrite, and the House is expected to join the Senate in rejecting it tonight. House Democrats have expressed frustration at being hung out to dry after voting to support D.C.’s autonomy. Republicans have released a digital advertisement criticizing Magaziner and 14 other Democrats for their vote. However, Magaziner defended his vote as being about letting D.C. make its own decisions. Rhode Island’s two Democratic Senators have yet to indicate how they plan to vote. Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey will uphold the new code due to his support for home rule in the capital. Elizabeth Warren’s office has not yet responded. Local House Democrats have also defended their votes, stating that D.C. has the right to pass its own laws without interference from Congress.

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