Lisa Olsen, a resident of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, was on a flight home with her family from Los Angeles when they encountered a fellow passenger behaving erratically. The man was heard ranting incoherently and claiming to be “Balthazar” and the son of Dracula. His bizarre behavior escalated to a violent outburst, during which he threatened to kill everyone onboard, except for women and children. The man, identified as Francisco Severo Torres, was seen near an emergency exit before the cockpit was alerted to an attempted breach. After the confrontation by the flight attendant, Torres tried to stab one of them with a broken metal spoon. Flight attendants and other male passengers had to restrain the man who broke free from the first set of zip ties used to secure him. Passengers helped restrain him using zip ties and belts for almost half an hour until the plane landed. Torres, charged with interference and attempted interference with flight crew members and attendants using a dangerous weapon, awaits his next court hearing. Despite being shaken by the incident, Olsen and her family are thankful for the quick-thinking measures taken by their fellow passengers to control Torres’ behavior.

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