Leah Ofsevit, a New England native, has fond memories of playing in the snow as a child, and she wants to pass that tradition down to her own children. However, this winter has been a letdown for her family, with their skis and sleds going unused due to a lack of snow. This winter has been unusual for much of the eastern United States, with cities like Boston and Philadelphia seeing significantly less snow than usual. The warmer conditions that drive this trend may be related to climate change, as the Northeast is one of the fastest-warming regions in the country. The lack of snow has had negative effects on traditional winter sports, from cross-country skiing to dog-sledding. However, the mild weather has been beneficial for those who enjoy cycling, golfing, and other spring-like activities. While it seems that snow may continue to be less common in the future, experts believe that large snowstorms will still occur even if smaller snow events become less frequent.

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