Thousands of individuals in Massachusetts have been recently added to the unclaimed property list, with four sports legends among them. Former New England sports stars including David Ortiz, Tom Brady, Kevin Garnett, and Tuukka Rask are confirmed to have left behind unclaimed assets, according to Massachusetts State Treasurer, Deborah Goldberg. Goldberg revealed that one in every 10 Massachusetts residents are owed money included in the current list of over 50,000 unclaimed properties such as savings and checking accounts, stocks, dividends, and policy proceeds. Commonwealth releases an updated list of unclaimed property every six months with only those of over $100 value included. Goldberg advises Massachusetts residents to check the updated list or call 888-344-6277 to claim their property, while last year, more than 151,000 claims, comprising $176 million, were returned to their rightful owners.

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